The Evolvement of Making Money

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“Welcome to the money side of Tik Tok.”

“If you’re watching this video, you have now ended up on money Tik Tok.”

In recent years, the rise in lucrative and creative ways to acquire money has been on the rise. In an age where attending college is not necessarily the way to financial freedom, one can understand why finding different avenues to financial success are discovered.

Among the many ways any one individual can acquire money, the most prominent example is day trading.

“Day trading usually refers to the practice of purchasing and selling a security within a single trading day. While it can occur in any marketplace, it is most common in the foreign exchange (forex) and stock markets” according to

Day trading can be a lucrative way to make money as long as it is done right and with honesty. It rivals having the standard 9–5 job. One can make a single trade and make a significant amount of money off of it, or one can make multiple small trades and make enough within an hour as if though they worked a full 8-hour shift.

However, day trading does come with its risks. One day one may make money, others one may lose it. Words of advice from experienced day traders at Nerdwallet, an American personal finance company, are as follows: start small, dont quit your already established job, and wager with money you can afford to take a loss on.

This particular trend of money making has certainly caught the eyes of many, and has even made its way to the sensational media platform of Tik Tok, a video-sharing social network that allows its users to publicize small clips, either for leasure or for educatinal purposes.

Couple the lucrative skill of day trading with a video-sharing social media platform and anyone can reach millions. Day trading can be taught to anyone and financial freedom can be passed on in the form of educational videos. Everyone can become more informed and educated.

Even the rise of cryptocurrency is begining to make its mark as well. Platforms such as reddit, too, has lead to many controversial instances where small groups of individuals have even rivaled the moguls of Wall Street.

But what does this mean to me? What does this mean to everyone else? Simply put, this is a trend that will open the doors of opportunity to individuals who have found it particularly difficult to obtain financial freedom; for individuals who have aspired to do more with their money rather than just have it sit in a savings account. For me, it brings me hope that avenues such as these are making ther way into the limelight. We can no longer be constricted to merely one source of income.

As for everyone else, this means that opportunity is merely one swipe and tap away. Of course, an initial balance of money to wager with is necessary.

Organizations and companies, similar to individuals as well, can benefit from such a platform because they are able to share information about themselves (i.e., who they are, what they do and what movement or trends they hope to promote). I’m certain individuals are not the only ones who are becoming heavily invested in the free-market within the United States. Organizations and companies themselves are making their move. They may do it in the sense that they may present themselves are distinct systems that are worthy of investment. And in doing so, they are promoting themselves through they very platform individuals are educating themselves about investment, trading, and the overall longterm importance of diversifying assets.

As noted, companies and organization can most certainly promote themselves and the brand they carry behind them. Media platforms, areas where much of the populations and people of all sorts of publics spend a significant amount of time, are a great area to do so. It can be seen as a “give and take” scenario. They offer free content and promotion, they’re acknowledged by individuals or groups of individuals.

As we venture far into a more virtualized world, we can only see the furthered development of these platforms as arenas of learning and promotion.